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Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult times in your life. Frequently, the problems that lead to divorce are caused by money, or lack of it. Many people who divorce find that they also need to file for bankruptcy. Your Buchanan County divorce and bankruptcy attorney can help you evaluate your situation before you divorce to determine your best options.

At Peters & Longmuir, PLC, our talented team, led by James T. Peters, will look at your current debt, as well as what you expect to receive as part of your divorce to assess whether it would be more to your advantage to ask your spouse to file a joint bankruptcy instead of filing a personal bankruptcy on your own.

All debt that is held jointly can still be enforced against one spouse or the other, even if that person is in bankruptcy. If you and your spouse file together, you discharge your debt and each of you gets a fresh start financially as you go your separate ways. The cost is the same as filing individually and it may make your divorce less expensive overall.

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Alternately, if you know that you will be paying child support and alimony, you may want to wait until after you are divorced to file. You may initially make too much money to qualify for Chapter 7, but with the addition of these exemptions, your overall income may be low enough. It is important to note that child support and alimony payments are not dischargeable through bankruptcy.

Our lawyer will sit down with you to review your financial situation and help you establish your goals. He will ask you where you want to be in a year or two, as well as what you want to happen as a result of your case. He will help you plan for a brighter financial future.

Please download and fill out our bankruptcy form prior to your appointment.

We offer a reasonable flat rate attorney fee for our bankruptcy representation throughout the legal process. We are always available to answer your questions. We are dedicated to your success.

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